Practical Philosophy Part 2: Happiness

after completing Introductory Philosophy the previous term


It's an intense world, so much pressure, so much going on.

Where do you find contentment in the midst of all this? Philosophy has a lot to say about happiness. And what's more, it provides a road map.

The second term of practical philosophy is devoted to happiness. Enjoy the good company of philosophic friends on a journey of discovery, to the source of true satisfaction.

Practical Philosophy Part 2 will be available on  Tuesday at 7pm and Wednesday mornings at 10am.

Classes will be offered remotely via Zoom, until the building reopens.

We hope to run all these classes, but that is dependent on the number of students enrolling. Please indicate which day is your preferred choice when enrolling.

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Dates: 27 April - 11 July
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ
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    Practical Philosophy Part 2 Sum20 (Online)


1. The true nature of happiness

How do we seek happiness?

Session details

2. Happiness and society

Is happiness natural?

Session details

3. Happiness and Utilitarianism

Bentham, Mill, Utilitarianism and Gandhi are all explored this week

Session details

4. Happiness and pleasure

The Platonic tradition and the Upanishads

Session details

5. Happiness and the Platonic Goods

Divine good and human goods: are these the way to happiness?

Session details

6. Rejoice in the present

Introducing Marsilio Ficino, a renaissance figure worth getting to know

Session details

7. La Tzu

The Tao Te Ching and what it has to teach us

Session details

8. Happiness and contentment

Patanjali and yoga. Finding happiness in work

Session details

9. Happiness and work

Further principles for finding happiness in work

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10. Happiness and wisdom

What is the connection between wisdom and happiness?

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