Introductory Practical Philosophy

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Do any of us really know who we are? Or why? For thousands of years, philosophy has been searching for answers.

Practical Philosophy is the exploration of knowledge, wisdom and ideas you can use to make life make sense. It’s about discovering the truth of things – not in theory, but in our own experience.

Enrol today for the summer term, beginning Monday 27th April.

  • Available evenings Monday to Thursday, and Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • Over ten weekly sessions you’ll consider philosophical ideas and questions relevant to all our lives
  • Evening sessions include a light supper and refreshments (for a reasonable cost)
  • Saturday sessions include a mid-morning refreshments break (with a small charge for tea/coffee)
  • Half-term will be from 24th to 30th May

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Dates: 27 April - 11 July
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ
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    Introductory Practical Philosophy Sum 2020 (10 week course)


1. The wisdom within

This opening session considers how philosophy can help us enjoy richer, less stressful lives.

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2. Know thyself

We look at practical ways to explore who we really are and how to tap into our true potential

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3. Being awake

Explore deeper levels of awareness, and how we can become more awake to the world around us

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4. The present moment

We introduce a simple practice to help us live in the present moment more frequently

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5. Living justly

We discuss the ways we might use Plato’s ideas on justice and injustice in our daily lives

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6. Understanding energies and using them wisely

We consider how to recognise different types of energy, how to conserve them and use them wisely

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7. The light of reason

What is reason? How can it enrich our lives? We look at the ideas of the philosopher Shankara

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8. The power of beauty

What is beauty? We consider Plato’s notion of one ultimate beauty – beauty absolute

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9. Unity in diversity

We look at the effect of finding unity – seeing nature’s apparent diversity as part of a single whole

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10. The desire for truth

In this final session, we ask how our search for truth has fared as the term has progressed

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