Further Economics with Justice

Our Further Economics group, for those who have attended the first three parts of Economics with Justice. Available on Wednesday evenings.
Dates: 27 April - 11 July
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ
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Dates: 27 April - 11 July
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ

Further Economics – from Richard Glover (tutor)

We further our understanding of economics with justice principles in practice through new material and interesting discussion.

Autumn 2019’s programme covered 10 aspects of how people may live together naturally and find freedom and prosperity, as individuals in families, in societies, in nations and in our biosphere. Morals, philosophies, religious teachings were not banished from this fresh look at economics.

Spring 2020’s programme re-examined conventional economic topics (eg wealth, credit, money, capital, trade) from a perspective of being human and being in tune with nature.

You are most welcome to join having completed the 3-term Economics with Justice course at some time. Let enthusiasm and enquiry take you to Further Economics on Wednesdays.

Enrol today for the summer term, beginning Wednesday 29th April. 

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